Queclink offers GPS-enabled devices with diverse form factors, battery lifetimes and connectors. The following devices have been tested with Cumulocity and are known to report their location in a format that Cumulocity understands:

The location and traces of the equipped assets are shown in Cumulocity and you can create additional business logic on top of the data (for example, sending an email when a geofence is left). For the GL200, device-side motion tracking and geofencing can be configured from Cumulocity.

GL200 GL300 GL500 GL505 GV200 GV300 GV500 GV75

Configuring Queclink devices for Cumulocity

Use the Queclink Manage Tool to set up a device for Cumulocity:

The screenshot below illustrates the setting.

Queclink Manage Tool

Registering Queclink devices with Cumulocity

To connect the device to your Cumulocity account:

Device registration

Troubleshooting tracking devices

Here are some general hints if your tracking device does not connect to Cumulocity or shows incorrect data:

Enable sms mode

Sending operations to the tracker device via sms is supported. Tracker device’s phone number information should be provided beforehand and one of the settings described at “Control devices via SMS” section should be done to use the functionality.

Supported features

Supported events:

Queclink Events

Supported measurements:

Queclink Measurement

Supported alarms:

Getting additional functionality

If you need support for particular features of the above products or other Queclink products, contact us.