What´s new

Release 10.17.0 includes the following new features or major feature enhancements.

Application enablement

User interface redesign

The UI of the Cumulocity IoT platform has a new default branding. Delite 2.0 is Software AG’s in-house design system aimed at establishing a common design language for the company’s products, enhancing usability and accessibility. It features updated color palettes for UI, data visualization, and product illustrations to align with the Software AG brand. The design system also includes accessibility improvements for screen readers, keyboards, and components.

Application redesign

Enhanced right drawer functionalities

The right drawer has been redesigned to enhance its functionality and usability and thus to improve the user experience. The changes made to the right drawer include:

relocation of all user-related settings from the user menu to the right drawer, improved platform versions section for quicker access to more detailed information about the application versions being used, information about the global roles assigned to the user, updated layout for improved usability.

Right drawer

For details, see Getting started > User options and settings in the User guide.

Cockpit - New Markdown widget

The “Markdown” widget has been added, a new widget designed for displaying files written in markup language. By incorporating the “Markdown” widget you can enhance your display capabilities to inform users, for example, on new features.

Markdown widget

For details, see Cockpit > Widgets collection in the User guide.

Cockpit - Dashboard availability

A new option for dashboard configuration has been added that allows users to restrict the visibility of dashboards for other users based on their global roles. This new feature provides greater control over the sharing and accessibility of your dashboards.

Dashboard availability

For details, see Cockpit > Working with dashboards in the User guide.

Device Management

Improved Home page in the Device Management application

The Home page has been improved by replacing the “Map” widget with quick links and recent alarms. Moreover, a button is now displayed instead of a menu if the context menu only consists of one item.

Home Page Revision


Support for new OAuth2 access token type in single sign-on authentication

Cumulocity IoT supports new standard OAuth2 access tokens with the “at+jwt” type header parameter. For more information on this parameter, see OAuth2 Access Tokens. Single-sign-on users managed by new authorization servers (that is, generating OAuth2 access tokens with type “at+jwt”) can thus login successfully into Cumulocity IoT.

Revoke session tokens for all tenant users

A new option is available for tenant administrators which allows to revoke all session tokens, used for OAI-Secure or Single-Sign-On access to the platform, in one step.

This feature is useful, for example, if there is a security issue with the tokens currently in use which requires immediate action. Revoking the tokens requires the re-login of all users.

In the User page, at the right of the top menu bar, click Revoke tokens to revoke all session tokens immediately.

User token revocation


An updated version of the Cumulocity IoT OEE application is now available.

This version adds support in the UI for defining one-off and repeating work shifts on a per-location basis. This allows the calculation of OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), Availability, Performance, Quality and various other metrics over these timeframes.

Admin shift plan configuration

For details, refer to the Cumulocity IoT OEE guide.