Release 10.17.0

The Cumulocity IoT Edge release 10.17 includes new features, improvements, fixes and known issues for Cumulocity IoT 10.17. For more information, see the What´s New section and our video What’s new in Cumulocity IoT 10.17.

Download the Cumulocity IoT Edge VM-based distribution version 10.17 from the Software AG Empower portal, based on the target hypervisor.

Cumulocity IoT Edge Appliance VM

Mongo DB update

MongoDB has been updated to version 5.0.14.

Known issues

CIE-4367 Kubernetes Issue: Kubernetes certificates expire after one year.

Workaround: Disable and enable the microservice hosting feature again. For further information see Enabling the microservice hosting feature.
CIE-4376 UI Issue: When switching to a language other than English, the translations for the security menu and security page are not available.

Cumulocity IoT Edge on Kubernetes - Public Preview

Cumulocity IoT Edge can now be deployed and managed on a single node Kubernetes cluster using Cumulocity IoT Edge Kubernetes Operator (Edge Operator).

Cumulocity IoT Edge on Kubernetes managed by the Edge Operator enables you with:

For more information on how to install and manage Cumulocity IoT Edge on Kubernetes, see Cumulocity IoT Edge Kubernetes Operator.

Public Preview: This functionality is only provided with limited support. Customers can open support cases, file bugs and request feature enhancements, which will then be taken care of by the Support Team.

Future releases of Cumulocity IoT Edge on Kubernetes include: