Product area Description Issue Build comp.
Administration This release of the Cumulocity IoT OEE application makes it easier to work with shifts. In addition to the previously available REST API used for defining individual shifts, it is now possible for OEE administrators to work directly within the UI to add, update, and remove shift plans. It is also now possible to define recurring shifts. In addition to OEE calculations over fixed time periods, the Cumulocity IoT application will now also calculate OEE values for entire shifts. COE-549 UI
Product experience Updated the Web SDK to 10.17 in order to adopt the new Cumulocity IoT UI. COE-445 UI


Product area Description Issue Build comp.
Product experience Previously, locations given in the Filter location dropdown in the Profiles page were not sorted. They are now sorted alphabetically in order to improve findability. COE-884 UI
Administration Improved the behaviour of the microservices during startup. Includes fixes for an issue that caused "Permission Denied" messages in certain configurations. COE-857 Microservice
Administration Improvements to the handling of the log files created by the microservice. COE-777 Microservice
Product experience Removed obsolete Section view from the Machine dashboard. COE-735 UI
Product experience Improved the rendering behaviour of webpages when the user's language is set to Japanese. COE-732 UI
Product experience Added more translated strings to improve the localization. COE-681 UI
Product experience The behaviour of the Overview page was updated. It now handles cases where OEE profiles are missing or removed in a more user-friendly and obvious way. COE-677 UI
REST API Improved the behaviour of the microservice when REST calls are made with non-existant profile IDs. COE-673, COE-663 Microservice
OEE calculation Fixed an issue that occurred with OEE calculation when the same event is used for Actual production time (APT) and Actual production amount (APA) types. COE-671 Microservice
Administration Fixed some issues that could cause background processes to continue running when the tenant is unsubscribed from the OEE microservices. COE-667, COE-662 Microservice
REST API Ensured that REST calls to service/oee-bundle/components return the correct data, rather than an empty array. COE-666 Microservice
Product experience Small graphical alignment fixes for the Calculation categories page. COE-617 Microservice
Product experience Fixed issue with graph legends not displaying the expected human-readable names for some categories. COE-581 Microservice