The following documentation is available for Cumulocity IoT Edge:

Section Content
Introduction Providing information on conceptual aspects of Cumulocity IoT Edge.
Setting up Cumulocity IoT Edge How to install the system on a virtual machine, including setting up the environment for Cumulocity IoT Edge and configuring the Edge server.
Working with Cumulocity IoT Edge How to use the IoT platform, how to connect a modbus device using Cloud Fieldbus and how to connect Edge to the cloud using the data broker.
Operating Cumulocity IoT Edge How to operate the system, including troubleshooting, upgrading the system, backup and restore, and various administrative tasks.
Release notes for Cumulocity IoT Edge Providing information on improvements and enhancements within each release.

Conventions in this document

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# ls -l

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should be edited like