This document describes conceptual aspects of Cumulocity IoT Edge, the local version of Cumulocity.


Cumulocity IoT Edge is an onsite, single-server variant of the Cumulocity IoT Core platform. It is delivered as a software appliance designed to run on industrial PC’s or local servers.

In contrast to Cumulocity IoT Core, which is available in the cloud (e.g. using AWS, Azure or other data centers), Cumulocity IoT Edge is installed in factories, i.e. in the same site (“onsite”) in which the IoT assets are located.

Reasons for using an onsite installation of Cumulocity IoT Edge include the following:

Features of Cumulocity IoT Edge include:


Cumulocity IoT Edge “October 2019 release” uses the following versions:

Edge component
Cumulocity Core 10.5.0
Apama 10.5.0

To learn more about Cumulocity IoT Edge you may also consult the documentation of the above products.

You will find a version number with a format similar to “9.8.9-5” in which 9.8 is the Private Edition release of Cumulocity and 9.8.9 is the core platform version. The last number –x (e.g. 1,2,3) refers to the Edge build number.

Cumulocity IoT Edge versus other Cumulocity deployments

Cumulocity IoT Edge uses the same software as Cumulocity IoT Core.

However, while the base software is the same, there are differences regarding the activated optional features and pre-installed agents.

The following differences apply:

Multi-tenancy No; single tenant Yes
Cluster No; single server Yes
High availability HA capabilities depend on the underlying virtualization technology, server failure could lead to temporary downtime* Full HA: No downtime on server failure, optionally even for data center failure
Vertical scalability Yes, limited to appr. 100 tps per CPU core Yes, but not used
Horizontal scalability No Yes, nearly unlimited scalability
Upgrades with no downtime No Yes
Root access No Yes, if customer is hosting
Installation Offline, with VM image Online, with chef & RPM
Cloud Field Bus Included Optional
Apama real-time analytics Included Optional
Data Broker Included Optional

Footnote: * The underlying infrastructure including the virtualization is not part of the product. For further details on high availability or fault tolerance options, refer to the relevant information provided by third parties (e.g.vSphere Availability).

In addition to Cumulocity IoT Edge, we provide a light-weight approach to implement Edge functionality: the Cumulocity agent and Device SDK. These can be installed on less powerful devices like embedded devices.