Release 10.6

Cumulocity IoT Edge Release 10.6, April 2020, includes the following improvements, fixes and known issues:

Hosting microservices

You can now develop and deploy microservices in Cumulocity IoT Edge. For more information about enabling or disabling the microservice hosting feature, see Enabling or disabling the microservice hosting feature.

This enhancement includes some changes to the monitoring and diagnostic utilities:

Supported microservices

Cumulocity IoT Edge supports all microservices developed for Cumulocity IoT Cloud including the Cumulocity IoT Machine Learning offering.

Support for remote access protocols

Cumulocity IoT Edge now supports the VNC and Telnet protocols to remotely access the Edge VM. See Connecting to the cloud.

Support for OPC UA 2.0

OPC UA 2.0 is now available. For more information, see Optional services > OPC UA in the User guide.

When you upgrade to Cumulocity IoT Edge version 10.6, the OPC UA agent configurations are lost. You must reconfigure all the OPC UA configurations.

Cumulocity IoT DataHub

Cumulocity IoT DataHub is now available in the Cumulocity IoT Edge platform as an integrated application, available from the application switcher. For more information, see Running DataHub on the Edge.

Known issues

CIE-852 VMware Workstation Issue: On VMware Workstation, you should use UTC on your host machine. If you choose not to use UTC, you may have time sync issues.

Workaround: Set rtc.diffFromUTC=0 in the .vmx file.
CIE-892 Virtual Box Issue: On Virtual Box, you should use UTC on your host machine. If you choose not to use UTC, you may have time sync issues.

Workaround: Set the VBoxInternal/Devices/mc146818/0/Config/UseUTC key value to 1.
CIE-895 Device Management Issue: In the Device Management application, when you click on a device in the All devices menu, the Measurements tab does not appear in the device information page even if there are measurements on the device.

Workaround: Refresh or reload the browser. If it doesn’t work, replace “device-info” with “measurements” in the URL.
CIE-911 Edge agent registration Issue: After upgrading from Edge version 10.5 to 10.6, you cannot register your Edge agent with Cumulocity tenant as you cannot access the /usr/edge/properties/edge-agent/device-id file. You need the device ID to register your Edge agent with Cumulocity tenant.

Workaround: As a root user, change the ownership of the edge-agent folder using the command:
chown -R edge-agent:edge-agent /usr/edge/properties/edge-agent.
CIE-1429 Microservices Issue: Uploading a high number of microservices could result in low disk space of the installation disk and lead to instability.
CIE-1429 Administration Issue: Changing the hostname of the Edge VM is not supported.