Migration notes


(Only relevant for on-prem installations)

If you have an on-prem installation of Cumulocity IoT (instead of using the cloud) and you upgrade Cumulocity IoT to 10.6.0, you must also upgrade the Apama-ctrl microservice from earlier versions to 10.6.0. This is mandatory due to a change in the communication protocol between Cumulocity IoT and Apama. Earlier versions of the Apama-ctrl microservice will not function correctly if running in Cumulocity IoT 10.6.0.

For details, refer to the section Installing Streaming Analytics (Apama) in the Multi-node installation guide for the Cumulocity IoT platform 10.6.0, available through the Software AG Empower Portal.

JWT token authentication

The JWT token authentication using the “token.publicKey” tenant option is deprecated but will continue to be supported until further notice. We recommend you to use the O-Auth authentication grant instead.