The 10.6.6 documentation contains

Moreover, you can find the following major enhancements (new guides or sections or larger rebuilds) in the area of documentation.

Device integration tutorials

A new version of the NetComm router device integration documentation has been added to the Device integration tutorials. This new tutorial describes how to set up and configure the Casa Systems (NetComm) routers of the NTC-220 series using the Cumulocity IoT NetComm Agent package, see Casa Systems (Netcomm) router.

Installation and operations guides

In addition to the Installation & Operations guides already provided for previous versions, the following new guides are now available through the Software AG Empower Portal:

Moreover, a new document Operations release notes is provided which lists all improvement or fixes related to the installation or operation of the Cumulocity IoT platform.

Note, that access to these documents on the Empower Portal requires credentials.