Updating Cumulocity IoT Edge

This section describes how to update Cumulocity IoT Edge using the GUI and the REST APIs.

Updating Edge using the GUI

You can update Cumulocity IoT Edge or apply fixes to your existing installation using the Administration application in the Management tenant.

When you update your Edge appliance, the update also applies operating system patches and fixes for security vulnerabilities.

Info: Software AG recommends you to create a backup of your existing Cumulocity IoT Edge installation before performing any update.

To update Cumulocity IoT Edge:

  1. Log in to the Management tenant.

  2. Switch to the Administration application using the application switcher at the right of the top bar icon.

  3. Click Edge > Update in the navigator.

  4. Click Update > Next.

  5. Upload the new Cumulocity IoT Edge archive file and click Next.

  6. Click Update.

  7. Restart your Edge appliance.

Updating Edge using the REST APIs

To update Cumulocity IoT Edge using the REST APIs, use the following endpoint: