Cumulocity IoT – OpenAPI Specifications

Welcome to the Cumulocity IoT OpenAPI Specifications. They represent a language-agnostic interface to the Cumulocity IoT RESTful API which allows – both humans and computers – to discover and understand the capabilities of the platform.
Cumulocity IoT illustration

Accessing the Specification pages

In the navigation of this page you will find the various Cumulocity IoT APIs: Core platform, DataHub, DTM, Edge and OEE. Click the link with the release version of any of these APIs to access their respective OpenAPI Specification page.


Cumulocity IoT uses HTTP and REST, which is today the most widely used interfacing technology and which works on any Internet-connected device ranging from small embedded microcontrollers up to desktop PCs. The secure variant, HTTPS, is used for the most security critical applications and will give you the best possible security.

Regardless of the communication originating from IoT devices, web applications or from back-office IT systems, Cumulocity IoT employs the protocol REST for all external communication. Our API has predictable resource-oriented URLs, accepts form-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication and verbs.

The public APIs for Cumulocity IoT are backward compatible where possible. More information can be found in the Compatibility policy in the Cumulocity IoT product documentation.

Just getting started?

Cumulocity IoT exposes its complete functionality through programming interfaces; this means that all of Cumulocity IoT's functionality is available for you to use in different contexts outside of what the platform directly provides - in your own applications, in your own devices. Cumulocity IoT gives you very fast visibility and control over your remote assets, be these houses, cars, machines or any other assets that you want to manage.

Check out the Cumulocity IoT product documentation to learn more about the platform.