Additional resources

Installation and operations documentation

The Installation and Operations guides for the Cumulocity IoT platform are not publicly available. They are provided on the Software AG Empower Portal. Search for “Cumulocity IoT Platform” as product. To view the Installation and Operations guides select the version of your choice from the selection field above the table and click the PDF icon on the far right.

Developer community

You can find documentation and other technical information on the Software AG Tech Community website.

On this community, you can:

Product support website

You can find product information on the product support website in the Software AG Empower Portal .

If you do not have an account for the Empower Portal yet, send an email to with your name, company, and company email address and request an account.

Once you have an account, you can:

To submit feature/enhancement requests, get information about product availability, and download products, go to Products.

To get information about fixes and to read early warnings, technical papers, and knowledge base articles, go to the Knowledge Center.

If you have any questions, you can find a local or toll-free number for your country in our Global Support Contact Directory and give us a call.

Cloud environments status page

For Cumulocity IoT cloud shared environments, information on known issues and the next upgrade can be found and subscribed to at:

Releases delta training

To learn what’s new in Cumulocity IoT or in a particular area of the platform we offer various eLearning delta trainings on the Software AG Software AG Learning portal which cover the new and enhanced functionality available in a specific product release:

Product training