Welcome to the Cumulocity IoT Digital Twin Manager (DTM) application.

This application allows you to create and manage assets around your physical connected devices in Cumulocity IoT using a digital representation of a physical hierarchy of assets and devices. Here, assets can be used to structure and describe devices in logical hierarchies as encountered in the real world environment to help with visualizing the hierarchy in a digital setting.

Once the asset hierarchy is created in the DTM application, the hierarchy can be applied to other applications such as OEE or Machine portal. It would save a lot of time and efforts, as the hierarchy is created only once and can be used directly in other Cumulocity IoT hosted applications.

Devices for the DTM application are created using the Cumulocity IoT Device Management application. For more details on the Device Management application, see Device Management > Connecting devices > Device registration in the User guide.

Assets are created in the DTM application using asset types as the blueprint for assets. An asset type consists of one or more custom properties and subassets.

The DTM application also provides a localization feature to customize the translation for certain content. See Localization for more information on this feature.

  • Your tenant must be subscribed to the Digital Twin Manager application and the Dtm-ms microservice.