Release 10.15.0

Cumulocity IoT Edge Release 10.15, includes the following improvements, fixes and known issues.

Download the Cumulocity IoT Edge version 10.15 from the Software AG Empower portal, based on the target hypervisor.

Security hardening improvements

Cumulocity IoT Edge provides the required security posture by default. This default security posture comes with compliance to the following Security Technical Implementation Guidelines:

Furthermore, customers can also leverage various configurations offered in the platform to improve the security posture and as required by their business regulations. For information about these configurations, see Configuring security.

The installation and update processes perform security hardening of the operating system and other components. As a result, these processes take approximately 50% longer than in earlier versions.

Support for Pulsar-based data broker

Cumulocity IoT Edge now supports the Messaging Service and the microservice-based data broker. The microservice-based data broker is an optional component, and can be downloaded and installed on your Edge appliance. Download the “Cumulocity IoT Data Broker Edge” bundle from Software AG Empower and install it on your Edge appliance. For information about installing the bundle, see Installing the Messaging Service and the microservice-based data broker on Edge.

Removal of Telnet support

Starting with Cumulocity IoT Edge Release 10.15, accessing the Edge appliance remotely from the Cumulocity IoT tenant using the Telnet protocol has been removed. Software AG recommends you to use the SSH protocol instead.

Known issues


For new enhancements in Cumulocity IoT, see What’s new.