webMethods.io Integration

webMethods.io Integration is Software AG’s cloud based integration solution. It enables you to automate tasks by connecting cloud applications and services (such as Marketo, Salesforce, Evernote, and Gmail) without writing any code.

The complete webMethods.io Integration documentation is available at https://docs.webmethods.io/.

Getting started

If your tenant has been created outside of Software AG Cloud you will not benefit from the user experience described below. You can still use webMethods.io to integrate Cumulocity IoT with other applications, but you cannot use the app switcher and single sign-on login.

To subscribe to webMethods.io Integration, perform the following steps:

  1. Log into the Cumulocity IoT platform as part of Software AG Cloud.

  2. In the application switcher, select webMethods.io Integration.

webMethods.io App Switcher Integration

If the icon is unavailable you might not be subscribed to webMethods.io Integration. Subscribe to it by opening the application switcher and clicking MyCloud. This will take you to the Software AG Cloud portal where you can subscribe for a free trial.

webMethods.io App Switcher My Cloud


Integrations in webmethods.io are called “workflows”. A workflow is a connection between two or more web apps or services. It’s like a set of steps required to perform a task.

The example workflow below is triggered by an alarm in Cumulocity IoT and creates a ticket in Zendesk and sends an SMS message.

webMethods.io Example Workflow

WebMethods.io also provides pre-configured workflows which are called “recipes”.

webMethods.io Example Recipe

More examples and technical guides can be found on the Tech Community website.