Operating DataHub

This section describes how you can examine the configuration and status of the system as well as the audit logs.

Info: You need administration permissions to access system information and audit logs. See section Defining DataHub permissions and roles for details.

Checking system information

In the navigator, select Administration to get information about the system configuration and its status.

Under Microservice you will find the status of the microservice, which is either marked as green or red. This status reflects whether the microservice can be accessed from the web application. If the microservice is accessible, its current version is shown. If not, check the status of the microservice and its logs as described in section Managing applications.

Under Web application you will find the version of the web application.

Under Management you will find the setup of the system. If you expand that box by clicking on the arrow to the right, all relevant system properties and their values are listed. Note that these values cannot be modified for a running microservice. The tenant administrator needs to redeploy the microservice with corresponding new values.

Viewing audit logs

Audit logs show the operations that users have carried out.

In the navigator, select Auditing to view the audit log list. For each log entry, the following information is provided:

Column name Description
User The user that has carried out the operation.
Event The type of operation.
Details Details of the operation and, if available, further information in an expandable box.

The audit log shows the last 10 logs. In the action bar, you can change that number by setting a new limit and refreshing the audit log.

Additionally you can filter the entries by text or status by using the filter controls in the action bar.