Simplifying mass customised IoT solution platform deployment

Using the Cumulocity IoT Platform

Power User
Thursday 9 March 2017
08:00-09:00 Berlin / 18:00-19:00 Sydney

Device Developer
Thursday 27 April 2017
08:00-09:00 Berlin / 18:00-19:00 Sydney

Simplifying mass customised IoT solution platform deployment

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Philip Hooker Philip Hooker,
Director of Strategic Programmes,
Stefan Vaillant Stefan Valiant,
Chief Technology Officer,

With organisations adopting the Internet of Things (IoT) at an increasing pace to digitalise their organisations, pioneering organisations are realising the pace of development for their IoT solutions needs to at least match their customers’ demand for consumerised services.

In this environment, conventional long-duration resource-heavy project based approaches are rarely suitable as they often slow an organisation’s innovation processes and increase the threat of in-flight market disruption.

Alternative innovative approaches which leverage efficient product based technologies and minimise project resources in preference for as-a-Service capabilities are required.

Cumulocity strives to make development and operation of IoT solutions simple to ensure their efficient adoption for practical real-world situations. Its recent release of its leading IoT platform radically simplifies the mass deployment of customised IoT solutions for service providers, enterprises and OEMs in all market sectors.

Attend our Power User webinar to hear our speakers:

  • Discuss important factors when deploying mass customised IoT solution platforms
  • Showcase Cumulocity’s revolutionary IoT Platform as-a-Service, Cloud Remote Access and Cloud Sensor App features
  • Answer your immediate questions

Attend our Device Developer webinar to hear our speakers:

  • Discuss important considerations in device integration and IoT solution development
  • Showcase Cumulocity’s revised Device SDKs, SmartREST editor and enhanced Simulator
  • Answer your immediate questions

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