Control of Mobile
Medicine Coolers



Defivitiv develops, produces and distributes innovative medical equipment, with a primarily focus on those that ensure the essential permanent cooling of medicines in liquid or solid form. Definitiv also provides the encrypted storage of patient and medication data for treatment, monitoring and research purposes.

Formed in 2008, Definitiv has capitalised on the ubiquitous connectivity, decreasing hardware costs and plethora of open operating systems to develop world leading products. The value delivered by Definitiv’s products were recognised by many organisations from a very early stage, with Definitiv having a strong relationship with Deutsche Telekom.


Because of their complex chemical structure, a large proportion of medicines for the suppression and treatment of critical illnesses are extremely delicate and need to be continuously cooled. Improper storage at any time though their life results in the medicine losing its effectiveness which can result in emergency situations escalating. Furthermore, as the patient is very aware of their dependency on their medicine storage requirements, their movements can often be limited to those with free access to refrigeration, with a knock-on impact to the patients quality of life.

Definitiv recognised that a mobile medicine cooling solution, which not only keeps the medicine at the correct temperature but also tracks their usage, would improve treatment quality and allow patients more freedom. Today, many diabetics keep their insulin in their home refrigerators with its temperature set to whatever will stop the Gouda from freezing and with the temperature varying with every door opening.

The Definitiv Mobile Thermo Box provides the perfect storage for liquid and solid medicines. It has absolute temperature precision, reliable and independent of the mains power supply. The unit will maintain the correct conditions for hundreds of medicines, with a great case being Insulin for diabetics. The unit can store an Insulin injection pen and up to 5 additional refill cartridges all cooled to exactly the temperature recommended by the manufacturer. Definitiv sought to remotely monitor and control the mobile medicine cooling device from the Definitiv smartphone app.

Control of Mobile <br>Medicine Coolers

Definitiv adopted, branded and configured the Cumulocity IoT platform to provide device management through the full product lifecycle, data collection, dashboard visualisation and secure integration to Definitiv’s business systems.

  • Cumulocity IoT Platform Tenant
  • Fully rebranded Definitiv
  • Full product lifecycle device management
  • Real-time monitoring of temperature, usage and battery level of each mobile medicine cooler
  • Fully integrated to Definitiv Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • Rapid deployment and refinement of fault detection and resolution business rules
  • Customised management, operational and technical dashboards
  • Connectors for Definitiv smartphone app
  • Set up and available in 2 days


Definitiv successfully completed the final stages of their product development and started scaling their production, with large volumes pre-ordered.

    Definitiv mobile medicine cooler connected to and data visible in the Cumulocity IoT platform in 2 days!
    Usage based pricing model removes any initial investment risk.
    Tightly coupled device management and data visualisation allow carrier grade, low cost solutions to be developed quickly.
“The smart cooler helps the chronically ill to store and use their medications properly, assuring the quality of their treatment. The end user experience is fundamentally improved based on sensor data made actionable - with patients being immediately informed if the temperature increases above a threshold for example.”
Peter Luepges Peter Luepges, CTO
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