Smartbox, based on the Telit Chipset HE910 is a ready to use solution for connecting Modbus devices to the Cumulocity Fieldbus Cloud. It provides a Master Slave Communication on RS485 for connecting up to 20 devices as well as 10 Sensors (Current ,Temperature, Pressure). Easy configure the SetUp of building automation fielddevices like pumps, e-meters, Airhandling units in the Cumulocity Fieldbus cloud or connect different sensortypes to the box. Using the Smartrest protocol the terminal comes up with a low traffic solution for decentralized applications. For the Smartbox there is a customized user interface available made for easy handling the sensors and showing graphs for consumption and temperatures.


Wire your Modbus RTU RS485 Network

Wire the Modbus RTU RS485 network: Modbus RTU

Wire the Sensors: Sensors By default NTC temperature sensors are configured.

Configure the Terminal

By default the terminal supports cloud fieldbus from Cumulocity. To use it you should:

  • Subscribe your account to the Cloud Fieldbus app by contacting support.
  • Configure the terminal:
    1. Power on the Terminal.
    2. Configure the Terminal's APN by sending an SMS to Terminal's SIM card with the following syntax: GPRS=APN,username,password (e.g.,,)

Registering the Terminal in Cumulocity

In the cumulocity Cloud Fieldbus app go to the menu and there find Devices -> Registration. Enter the Terminal's IMEI as an ID. The IMEI is printed on the devices itself:


After accepting the device you should be able to see it in the All Devices list within 30 second.

The Terminal in the List of All Devices


For further information please refer to the manual and datasheet provided by PSsystec.