Robustel GoRugged R3000 Lite is a rugged cellular router offering state-of-the-art mobile connectivity for machine to machine (M2M) applications.


R3000 Lite is a dual SIM industrial cellular VPN router. It can be support for UMTS/HSPA+/4G LTE networks.

The Cumulocity Robustel agent connects the R3000 and the application board to Cumulocity and provides the following features:

  • Provide remote monitoring service of R3000 lite .
  • Provide collection and storage of GPS and basic data.
  • Provide remote firmware update and configuration.


To run the Cumulocity Robustel agent, the following items are required:

  • A supply power.
  • An Ethernet cable.
  • A Cellular antenna.
  • A SIM card with data plan for Internet access. The SIM card should have no SIM PIN. The SIM PIN can be deactivated using any mobile phone.
  • You need access to Cumulocity platform. If you do not have it yet, click on "TRY CUMULOCITY FREE" on the top right of



  • Insert the SIM card into the SIM slot.
  • Assembled wireless cellular antenna.
  • Connect an Ethernet cable to the R3000 Lite and to your computer.
  • Plug in the power supply and connect it to the application board.

Note that the device cannot be flashed without the power supply connected.

Further information is available on:

Install the agent

  • Login to and login.
  • Click Link-management →Portal→enable Portal.
  • Select the ‘Cumulocity’ in the ‘Server Type’.
  • Enter your Cumulocity platform account and password.
  • Enter the http://{tenant}, which {tenant} is your tenant name, in the ‘URL’.
  • Enter the device name.
  • But one device name corresponding to an ID.
  • Click ‘apply’ → ‘save’ → ‘reboot’.


  • The default configuration router address is . Please refer to your R3000_lite configuration router page
  • You can customize the device name and ID.
  • The Cumulocity platform will be automatically assigned device ID.

Connect to R3000 Lite

  • You will see LED indicators of “RUN” blinking.
  • The R3000 Lite will now dial up to the Internet. You will see the R3000_lite the ‘RSSI’ LED indicators turn on. If the device cannot connect to the Internet, the LED indicators will turn off.
  • Log on to the Cumulocity web interface http://{tenant}, which {tenant} is your tenant name. The device now registers with Cumulocity and shows up under "All Devices" with the name”R3000 Lite”.
  • You could search "R3000_Lite" in the search bar directly; it will show you about the R3000_Lite.

What next?

The device is now connected to Cumulocity and sends sensor data periodically. You can now browse and process the collected data in the cloud in various ways:

  • Browse the information and monitor the status of the R3000 Lite router under “info” tab, as shown in the following screenshot:


  • Browse the collected R3000_Lite data under "Measurements" tab, as shown in the following screenshot.


  • Remote restart the R3000_lite and update firmware by the “Control” tab; you can copy the new firmware document into configuration board, as shown in the following screenshot.


  • To locate all your device on Cumulocity’s map via “location” tab, an example of R3000-lite’s location is shown below:


For further details, see the Cumulocity User Guide.


Why can't log in the router configuration page?

  • Please check whether the device is energized.
  • Please check whether the equipment normal operation.
  • To view the login page of IP is correct.

Why Cumulocity platform can't show my device?

  • Check whether your SIM card inserted.
  • Please check the information of ‘Portal’ in the router configuration page.
  • May be a problem with the firmware.

For any question and support, please feel free to contact us: