Dell Edge Gateway


The Edge Gateway 5000 Series for the Internet of Things (IoT) offers cost-effective security and manageability tools for operation professionals.

The following sections demonstrate how to use your device with Cumulocity. It describes how to

  • configure the Edge Gateway for use,
  • connect your Gateway to your Cumulocity account.

Dell Ubuntu Core image must be installed in the Edge Gateway. In case it is not installed, follow Dell's Edge Gateway Installation and Operation Manual for instructions on how to install it.


Download the Cumulocity Snap Agent and copy it to a USB stick. Insert the USB into the Edge Gateway and type the following commands in the terminal:

mkdir usb

Then search for the USB name with:

sudo fdisk -l

The USB partition name should look like something as "/dev/sdb..", identify the partition name in the system and type the following:

sudo mount /dev/sdb1 usb
sudo snap install usb/cumulocity-agent_1.0.2_amd64.snap --devmode
sudo umount usb
tail -f /var/snap/cumulocity-agent/common/cumulocity-agent.log

The last command will display the device id, the id will be needed to register the device at Cumulocity. This is what the output should look like:

Jan 06 17:15:33 DEBUG: HTTP: post: 61, <device_id>
Jan 06 17:15:33 DEBUG: HTTP: recv: 50,1,404,Not Found

The device id will be where <device_id> is located, use this value to register the device at Cumulocity.

The agent will start automatically every time the system restarts.


First you need a Cumulocity account, then on the left side panel click on "DEVICES > Registration"

Enter the Device ID in the proper field and click on "Register device". Wait for the "Accept" button to appear, then click on it to register the device.

Now click in "DEVICES > All devices", then search for your device to manage it.

To better understand how our platform works and custom configure the interface, consult our guidelines.