Cinterion Java modules


Gemalto offers a number of Java-enabled M2M modules as part of their Cinterion product line. These modules combine modem functionality, hardware interfaces (such as serial, GPIO, ...) and a programmable platform based on JavaME. In this section, we describe how to use a Cinterion Java module with the Cumulocity JavaME client libraries.


To run the example in this section, you need to:

  • A Cinterion Java module with an activated SIM card.
  • A Microsoft Windows environment with the Cinterion Mobility Toolkit (CMTK) installed. The CMTK software and documentation is available from your local Cinterion distributor.
  • Eclipse integrated with the CMTK as described in Cinterion's Java User's Guide.
  • A working connection between your Windows environment and your Cinterion Java module through USB or serial interfaces.

Developing an agent

Start by setting up the JavaME "Hello, world!" in the Eclipse instance that has the CMTK support installed. To run the "Hello, world!", you need to dial up the module to the Internet. Use the following steps:

  • Add the Cinterion utility library to the project as described in Section 10.2.4 of the Java User's Guide.
    • Select "Build Path", "Add External Archives". Locate the "cwmlib_1.0.jar" in your CMTK and click "OK".
    • Select "Properties", "Java Build Path", "Order and Export". Check "cwmlib_1.0.jar" and click "OK".
  • Add the convenience method below your MIDlet. The method sends an AT command to the Cinterion modem using the Cinterion utility library.
private ATCommand ATC;

private String sendCommand(String command) {
    try {
        if (ATC == null) {
            ATC = new ATCommand(false);
        String result = ATC.send(command + "\r\n");
        return result;
    } catch (Exception e) {
        throw new RuntimeException(e.getMessage());
  • Add the code below at the start of the "startApp" method. Replace "<<APN>>" with the APN of your network provider. These AT commands dial the modem up to the Internet.
  • Run the project as "Emulated Java MIDlet".

Reading device data

TBD: Signal strength reading from the device.