Adeunis LoRaWAN Demonstrator


The LoRaWAN by ADEUNIS RF demonstrator is a ready to use system, which provides connection to the any operated network using the LoRaWAN protocol. With 3 integrated sensors (GPS, accelerometer, temperature) this demonstrator allows to transmit and instantly view the radio frames on the compatible networks. This demonstrator is particularly suitable for the validation of applications like sensor networks, environment, intelligent buildings, metering, security, or M2M. These applications can thus be validated on site before the deployment of infrastructure. With built-in rechargeable battery, this demonstrator allows for many hours of use.

Configuring for Cumulocity

Cumulocity supports connecting Adeunis LoRa Demonstrator devices via Actility ThingPark like any other LoRa devices. For more details refer to the LoRa documentation in the User guide.

Device registration

The device registration for Adeunis LoRa Demonstrator is specific to LoRa devices. For details refer to the LoRa documentation in the User guide.

Data created

Device protocol mapping with LoRa device type creation only supports decoding for fixed byte positions. Adeunis LoRa Demonstrator's uplink payload does not fulfill this requirement. Cumulocity provides an Esper event processing module to successfully decode the Adeunis LoRa Demonstrator uplink data. Download the module for Adeunis LoRa Demonstrator from here and use event processing tool to deploy it.

To deploy the EPL module, go to Event Processing in the Administration application and create a new module. Place the content of the file and deploy.

The following data is recorded:

  • Raw Adeunis data as event
  • Signal strength measurement including RSSI (Received signal strength indication), SNR (Signal noise ratio) and average SNR
  • Battery voltage measurement
  • Device temperature measurement
  • Accelerometer warning as alarm
  • Button 1 triggered as event
  • GPS position as event and location update

The full payload contained in the data callback will be created as an event. Any location updates and triggering of the button will create an event as well.

Adeunis event

The signal strength, battery and temperature values will be created as measurements.

Adeunis signal strength

Adeunis battery

Adeunis temperature

When the accelerometer of the device is triggered, an alarm is generated. The alarm is cleared automatically if the device is being stationary in the next measurement period.

Adeunis location

The location and movement of the devices is tracked with each received GPS position.

Adeunis location

Adeunis tracking